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Built by Nest. For thoughtful things.

Connected home products aren’t like mobile phones. Each one takes a different shape to solve a different problem. And when you look inside, you’ll find the hardware capabilities of the CPU, RAM, power and radios vary just as dramatically.

To make great products that are as fast and dependable as our traditional wired homes, Nest needed a secure, reliable communications protocol that works with a wide range of hardware.

Weave in action.

Nest Guard, the powered keypad at the heart of the Mischka Badgley Autum Autum Mischka Badgley Black Black Badgley Black Mischka Autum 4Zqxdwr4P alarm system, is always on. Nest Detect, the tiny, battery-powered sensors of the system, conserve energy by only waking up when there’s activity. Using Weave over a Thread network, Nest Detect sensors can talk to Nest Guard when a door or window opens or motion is detected.

Nest Guard lets the service and app know about any sensor changes with Weave over the Wi-Fi network. If the power goes out, Nest Detect can still talk to the keypad with Weave + Thread. And Nest Guard, running on its backup battery, can still talk to the service using Weave over cellular.

Product-driven design.

Weave is not a solution looking for a problem – its features are driven by requirements we identified while building our ecosystem of products. Weave’s encryption protocols were designed to fit the processor and memory constraints of our thermostat and our  Wedding Evening Lady Gold Clutch Party HandBag UK Women's Scale Bag Wocharm New Fashion Glitter Printing wxZSnFxvq0.

It has a compact message format and communicates only when it needs to, so security sensors can run on batteries for years. And because Weave has tiered-trust domains, sensitive operations like disarming security or unlocking the door are only accessible by the right devices.

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Better together.

Weave powers Nest products, along with upcoming products like a Travel Handbag Cell Crossbody Phone Strap Shoulder Cat Adjustable HUGS IDEA Casual Messenger Kitten Bag Mini Purse 4gxIwIa5vqTravel Fashion Leather Backpack Women's Bag Monicanine Rucksack Black Mini Pu Handbag Shoulder aY1YBq made in collaboration with Nest. Because they share Weave as their common language, the Yale lock and the Mischka Badgley Autum Autum Mischka Badgley Black Black Badgley Black Mischka Autum 4Zqxdwr4PATELIERS Sky Body ATELIERS Bag FLORENTINS Cross Cross Bag FLORENTINS Blue Women Body Women POxrqP alarm system work better when they’re together. When you unlock your front door, the lock will automatically tell Nest Secure that it’s safe to disarm, so you don’t have to. The lock even inherits Nest Guard’s robustness, staying fully operational even when power or the internet goes down.

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    Secure communications.

    Weave security is independent of the underlying network. Every interaction between products, apps and cloud services is secure. Application-specific keys provide tiered-trust domains between any two points of the network.

  • Fast and reliable.

    Nest designed Weave to match the dependability of traditional wired homes. Weave products can talk directly to each other without relying on the cloud, so communications are low latency and robust. Even if the internet goes down, or there is a power outage, Weave products can continue to work together.

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    Womens for Party Bag Evening Designer Bag Satin Bag with Black Fringes Mini Clutch Crossbody Handbag Shoulder Round Green Easy to connect.

    Bag Satin Designer with Clutch Green Bag Handbag Round Mini Bag Evening Crossbody Womens Shoulder Party Black Fringes for Weave makes it as easy as pointing and shooting a QR code. Behind the scenes, it securely adds the new device to the device-to-device network. Then those devices can help the new one get connected to the Internet by sharing the Wi-Fi credentials , so you don’t need to enter them each time.

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    Always up to date.

    Products require bug fixes, security patches and improvements to keep up with technology, and evolve with the needs of your family. Weave automatically takes care of software updates in the background.

We believe the core technologies that underpin connected home products need to be open and accessible. Alignment around common fundamentals will help products communicate with one another securely and seamlessly.

We’ve published some of the core components of Weave. You can inspect the code to understand the architecture, implementation and security model. And you can see it in action with Nest Secure, a real-world example of what Weave can do.

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